Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast: 1/3 c PLAIN OLD FASHIONED oatmeal (measured dry) (did I mention plain?)
                 4 egg whites, scrambled (I actually "scramble" them in the micowave...its faster and makes for fewer dishes later)
                 1/2 apple
                 20 grams nuts (I had pecans)

If you had suggested a few months ago that I eat PLAIN oats with NO SUGAR or artificial sweetness or any of the fun stuff, I probably would have chosen to starve instead. Plain oats just grossed me out. But then, some time after hitting my highest weight ever of 181, something snapped inside me and I got this "f*** you excuses" attitude and I decided nothing was going to stop me from reaching my goals...not even oatmeal.

Several months later, now down to 153.4 pounds and dropping, I look forward to my morning oats. GASP! How did I do it? I learned to experiment, and somewhere along the way, I got this crazy idea that maybe if I ate a bite of egg whites with a bite of oatmeal, it might not be that horrific. And what do you know? I find the combo delicious! I win!

My point here is (a) anything is possible, and (b) don't knock it til you try it.

Recently, I saw a picture posted online of a woman before and after cutting out splenda, and thats it. She looked good before, but after, she had so much more definition, and I thought, what would happen if I cut out the artificial sweeteners in my life? 

I don't drink diet soda or anything like that (except maybe a diet 7 up when my stomach's upset) but I would drink Crystal Light and Powerade Zero, or a sugar-free energy drink when I'm feeling drowsy. I love them, but I also don't know how they might be hampering my progress, so it's time for them to go. Instead, I plan on drinking even more water, and trying to get used to unsweetened green tea, or flavor it with some lemon and orange slices. If I can do it with oatmeal, I can do it with tea.

I hope you all challenge yourselves today! Stay positive :)

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