Monday, August 20, 2012


Victory! I won my fight last night against Adrianna Runyon via tapout to strikes in the second round.

At the start of the fight, she didn't rush at me as I'd suspected she would (no surprise there, the fight never goes as you imagine ;) ) and I had to come to her. She started throwing haymakers anytime I got close to her, and for most of the first round I got stuck in my old habit of standing and taking blows and exchanging and punch or two at a time. But after that I started to listen to my corners better and my movement and combos improved. Throughout the fight I landed several body kicks that she didn't like, but I didn't unleash as much power in my leg kicks as possible, as I'm still a little uncomfortable with them and need more practice. I'm not sure how far into the second round it was when we locked up, I scored a takedown and full mount and started to rain down punches. She tapped after two or three hard rights hands to the face.

Even though my opponent was not as experienced as me, she was tough on the feet and I got a chance to improve my stand up which was incredibly valuable to me. I went in there looking to have fun and become a better fighter and I did that. Now it's time to get back to work and become even better for my next fight, which should be in October. Watch out, world, I'm on my way up :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weigh Ins and FIGHT DAY!

Woohoooooo! Fight day is finally here! I'm pumped to get back in the cage!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but the last week or so leading up to the fight is always a hectic one. I recorded some video blogs during cut week that I'm working on editing for you all, so stay tuned for those!

This cut was a somewhat difficult one, it was my first time attempting to cut to 135 in over a year, and my body is much different now, plus my schedule is much different, so it was kind of a trial run if you will. After I hit 140 my body refused to sweat any more, and after no eating or drinking all day I weighed in at 138.4. My opponent was a last minute match-up and weighed in at 143, so I'm glad I didn't overwork myself trying to get to 135 for nothing.

We weighed in at Hooters, where the event will take place outdoors, and then it was time to drink and eat! I always start off with a Pedialyte to rehydrate quickly, then I had one thing I've been craving for WEEKS: peanut butter, banana, and honey on wheat toast =D It made me very happy. That was followed up by a smart water and some Hooters fries. They had free wings for the fighters, but my stomach is sensitive after crash dieting and dehydrating, so I stayed away from those. We went to an awesome Italian restaurant called Avanti's. I had spaghetti and meatballs, although after all the liquids, the sandwhich, and an appetizer and fresh baked bread, I had a lot leftover to take home :) We ended the night with a couple movies, including Warrior, and snacking and rehydrating more.

This morning started off with pancakes, eggs, and bacon with water and chocolate milk, then I went to get my hair braided and I'm ready for war. There will be more relaxing and eating until the fights tonight..and then it's time for action!

Make sure you come back and check out my first video blogs and results!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Holy Legs Batman!

So, after a CRAZY week at work and computer troubles, I'm finally getting to post this!

Monday I annihilated my legs. I wanted to get in a killer leg workout this week, since next week I won't be lifting because I have a fight on Saturday (possible news on an opponent coming soon!)

So, if you're looking for punishment, give this a try.

The key to a good lifting workout (in my opinion/experience) is to choose a challenging weight, for whatever number of reps you're doing. If you don't, you're wasting your time.

Leg Workout 8/6/12

Leg Press 15, 12, 12, 10reps
Sumo Squat w/ Dumbbell 3x15reps
Single Leg Deadlift 3x12reps each leg
Leg Extensions 15, 12, 12, 10reps
Squats 15, 12, 12, 10reps
Leg Curls 3x15reps
Calf Raises 3x12reps

As if that wasn't enough pain for my legs, I decided to hit the track after.

Track Workout 8/6/12

Warm Up:
400m run

Bleacher Set:
5 minutes stair running
5 minutes stair climb with glute extension

Track Set:
400m run
4x100m sprint
400m run
4x100m sprint
400m run
2x100m sprint

That's probably not a ton for seasoned sprinters, but I haven't done that much sprinting since high school track, and I'm learning to love it again! Sprints definitely rev up my fat burning and have made my footwork faster.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Workin' It Out!

Today's Workout:

"Push" Group-

DB Bench Press 3x12reps
Decline Push Ups 3x12reps

Single Leg Squat 3x12reps
Incline DB Flyes 3x12reps

Decline DB Press 15, 12, 10reps
Triceps Pressdown 3x12reps

Cable Crossover 15, 12, 10reps
Tricep Bench Dips 3x15-20reps

Sprint Workout-
1 mile warm-up
6x100m sprint
8x stair run (up and down = 1)
10 tractor tire flips

Sweated Buckets!

Friday, August 3, 2012


The pictures on the left were taken July 7th, one week after my last fight. The pictures on the right were taken this morning, August 4th. When I first took the pictures this morning, I wasn't satisfied. I felt like I should be leaner, more muscular, etc. etc. Then I compared them to a month ago, I felt so much better. My waist is tighter, I'm leaner all over, and even though four pounds doesn't sound like much for a month, I look smaller all over.

I'm not quite where I wanted to be two weeks out from my next fight (August 18th) but I'm happy that I have improved, because that's what I'm always striving for. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last night Joseph and I were talking about our upcoming fights on the ride home from training, and as usual, the subject of visualization came up. Joseph and I are supremely different in the way we prepare mentally for a fight. I personally have learned to use visualization as a tool to keep my confidence high and stay positive. I don't know when I developed this skill (and I do consider it a learned skill, not everyone has it, but everyone can practice it) because I wasn't always so confident in my abilities, although I've always been a hard worker. Somewhere along the lines though, I unlocked this ability in my mind to see the things I wanted to become reality...and found that many times, that's exactly what happened.

Over the last two years and five victories, I've used visualization thousands of times...and not just before fights. I visualize myself lifting heavier weights-and then I go do it. I visualize myself having tons of energy in training-and then I do. Sometimes I even visualize just having a good day, and while this doesn't always make my day perfect, I usually have a better outlook all day. And when I am visualizing how I want a fight to go, I always, always make sure to see my hand being raised at the end.

Knowing that not everyone uses visualization as successfully as I do, and wanting to possibly improve my own visualization practice, I looked up "how-to" for visualizing success.

I found a great article that puts it this way:

"The first time we have a new thought it is a weakling of a thought that has sand kicked in its face by stronger thoughts and beliefs. Each time you re-think it though it grows in strength as the physical pathway becomes more and more well defined. Not only that, but if it is a belief that contradicts one you already hold, the older belief starts to atrophy and die."

Some people have a hard time contradicting the beliefs they already have in their head, but if you practice, I guarantee you it will become second nature

For the full article, go here: