Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last night Joseph and I were talking about our upcoming fights on the ride home from training, and as usual, the subject of visualization came up. Joseph and I are supremely different in the way we prepare mentally for a fight. I personally have learned to use visualization as a tool to keep my confidence high and stay positive. I don't know when I developed this skill (and I do consider it a learned skill, not everyone has it, but everyone can practice it) because I wasn't always so confident in my abilities, although I've always been a hard worker. Somewhere along the lines though, I unlocked this ability in my mind to see the things I wanted to become reality...and found that many times, that's exactly what happened.

Over the last two years and five victories, I've used visualization thousands of times...and not just before fights. I visualize myself lifting heavier weights-and then I go do it. I visualize myself having tons of energy in training-and then I do. Sometimes I even visualize just having a good day, and while this doesn't always make my day perfect, I usually have a better outlook all day. And when I am visualizing how I want a fight to go, I always, always make sure to see my hand being raised at the end.

Knowing that not everyone uses visualization as successfully as I do, and wanting to possibly improve my own visualization practice, I looked up "how-to" for visualizing success.

I found a great article that puts it this way:

"The first time we have a new thought it is a weakling of a thought that has sand kicked in its face by stronger thoughts and beliefs. Each time you re-think it though it grows in strength as the physical pathway becomes more and more well defined. Not only that, but if it is a belief that contradicts one you already hold, the older belief starts to atrophy and die."

Some people have a hard time contradicting the beliefs they already have in their head, but if you practice, I guarantee you it will become second nature

For the full article, go here:

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