Monday, August 20, 2012


Victory! I won my fight last night against Adrianna Runyon via tapout to strikes in the second round.

At the start of the fight, she didn't rush at me as I'd suspected she would (no surprise there, the fight never goes as you imagine ;) ) and I had to come to her. She started throwing haymakers anytime I got close to her, and for most of the first round I got stuck in my old habit of standing and taking blows and exchanging and punch or two at a time. But after that I started to listen to my corners better and my movement and combos improved. Throughout the fight I landed several body kicks that she didn't like, but I didn't unleash as much power in my leg kicks as possible, as I'm still a little uncomfortable with them and need more practice. I'm not sure how far into the second round it was when we locked up, I scored a takedown and full mount and started to rain down punches. She tapped after two or three hard rights hands to the face.

Even though my opponent was not as experienced as me, she was tough on the feet and I got a chance to improve my stand up which was incredibly valuable to me. I went in there looking to have fun and become a better fighter and I did that. Now it's time to get back to work and become even better for my next fight, which should be in October. Watch out, world, I'm on my way up :)

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