Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crap I Haven't Blogged in Ages

I am the worst at keeping up with this. So I guess I'll start where I left off just before I went to Kansas City for Invicta IV. Going to Kansas City was fantastic. Joseph and I never really get to do anything very fun because we're so broke, but we decided to not get each other regular Christmas presents and save that money for our little weekend trip. We were also asked to cover the event for Fightergirls, so we had the awesome opportunity to see the action up close, take some pictures, and meet some cool people. The fights were awesome, and one great thing about getting to watch cageside was that I really got to watch the way these high level girls move. I learned a lot in one night and got to take that home with me to improve my own training. Plus, our hotel room was stupid comfortable and it was relaxing and I got a chance to recharge and refocus.

My 21st birthday was on Tuesday. I started out the day by driving the hour to Canton to get in some training so I would at least get one productive thing done that day. I didn't even drink my entire first drink because I didn't like it. Later I found some drinks that I do like a lot, but that one day of drinking was enough to last me for at least the next month and a half...because I have two fights scheduled! So my birthday was my last day of naughtiness; now it's time to focus.

Right now I'm five weeks out from my next fight in East Peoria February 23rd. I'll finally be dropping back down to bantamweight. I'm excited to get back to my original weight class because I know I feel more comfortable there than when I've fought at heavier weights, plus I'm stronger than I was when I used to fight at 135 and that feels great too. Two weeks after that I'll be fighting in Rock Island, IL for Caged Aggression's first ever female title, and that's exciting as well. I hope I get a tough fight and really get to show the improvements I made in the last couple months.

If anyone wants tickets for my fights, you can message me on Facebook or Twitter!

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